Our Mission

Our mission is to provide Web based and mobile based applications that are custom made according to every client requirement. We make sure that there is a constant research and development of the various products that are provided to you. This makes us provide you with the latest applications that will be in vogue for many years down the line.

Our Vision

ISITE is a team of professionals who are involved in evolving and creating high quality products for all kinds of clients. The products that are created by us are varied and will suit different people for varied purposes. Business entrepreneurs, individuals, companies, large corporate are some of the various clients who have been serviced by us

Screening our applicants


WE hire the right employess into our company,the reason we say it is the way we interview them.

Network resource

We have the network resources in our organization to track the IP addresses based on the GEO,that is being used when our applicant takes the online assessment

video side

WE being the expert in video side,we developed an in-house tool that act asa plug-in in which we uses AI/Image processing technology to ensure we are interviewing the right candidate.

Talent engagement strategy.

Even though our SME'S examine the applicants ,our technical leaders oversee their resumes and feedback before granting then an offer.

keeping an workforce up on advanced technologies

WE understand that all our skilled employees cannot be on new technologies but are reliable in what they have done in the past.We drive them on updated technologies to keep their profiles refreshed and accomplish our client requirement;s.

We are champion at

  • Cyber Security
  • Cloud computing
  • Data Analytics
  • VOIP
  • Development

We also expert at

  • Devops/Kubernetes/Docker/AWS/Azure
  • Salesforce
  • SAP
  • Networking(IOT)
  • Database Admins
  • Software Tester
  • Business Analyst/data Solutions/data scientist.
  • Data Warehousing tools.