Data Security

Customer consent for personal data collection. Technical and organizational measures to protect personal data and systems. Privacy risk impact assessments.

Cloud Security

Secure Hybrid Cloud. Cloud-based data encryption and web application firewalls.

App Security

SQL injection, Cross site scripting ,file inclusion,identity management authorisation and authentication, secure code and defend/ respond to threats.

Network Security

Scan IPs, remove false positives and scan open and filtered ports.


To meet compliance and regulatory requirements at ease.

Mobile Security

Insecure data storage ,weak server side control,insufficient protection at the transport layer, client side injection among many.

Information Security Training

Find, exploit and fix common application issues,how to incorporate defensive coding practices from the very start as you built your app.

IoT Secutity

  • IoT managed security services.
  • Secure on the Air updates.
  • File integrity and confidentiality.
  • Anomaly detection
  • P2P Encryption from Edge to cloud
  • Blockchain for identity.